Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pigeon John - And The Summertime Pool Party (2006)

Amazing album. Not what you would expect from a west coast rapper. This ish is the most original thing you will ever hear. If  he ever does a show near you make sure you go, he does the best shows (yes even better then The Roots). Can't wait for new stuff from him. Please make sure to support PJ.
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  1. "Welcome to the Show"
  2. "Scene 1: I Thought You Was a G?"
  3. "Do The Pigeon"
  4. "Higher!?"
  5. "Scene 2: I Was Just Looking At Her Jeans"
  6. "Money Back Guarantee"
  7. "Freaks! Freaks!" (featuring DJ Rhettmatic)
  8. "One For The..." (featuring Brother Ali)
  9. "The Last Sunshine" (featuring RJD2 & J-Live)
  10. "Weight of the World"
  11. "Scene 3: A Black Man on a White Horse"
  12. "As We Know It"
  13. "I Lost My Job Again"
  14. "Scene 4: The Girls, the Fanastic Fireworks"
  15. "Brand New Day"
  16. "Growing Old"

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